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How to Effectively Manage Your Company’s Roofing Asset

  • To get the best value for your roof investment, it is critical that you look beyond initial cost. Life Cycle Costing is a key tool to insure this and accurately reflects the bottom line of what a roof really costs.
  • Adapt a proactive roof asset management process.
  • Perform semi-annual roof inspections and repairs.
  • Budget dollars per year for preventive maintenance beginning in Year #1 of your roof’s life.
  • Budget dollars per year for more extensive repairs/restoration.
  • Track all collateral building damage and incidental costs associated with leaking roofs.
  • Show your boss how past collateral damage costs can exceed the cost of implementing a roof management process.

What are YOUR Roof Management Responsibilities?

  • Obtain roof inspections – recommended twice a year.
  • Implement preventive maintenance – required by most manufacturers’ warranties.
  • Minimize foot traffic.
  • Pick up and dispose of rooftop debris (nails, fasteners, bottles, etc.).
  • Clean or unclog roof drains and gutters.
  • Use de-icing salt on frozen roof drains; don’t crack the ice.
  • Trim tree limbs that overhang the roof.
  • Keep rooftop equipment in good repair.