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Expertise Is Everything

Bennett & Brosseau Roofing, Inc. Is Chicago lands premier full service roofing contractor, specializing In all phases of green roof design, construction, and maintenance.

As part of cur commitment to sustainability and green building practices, the new company headquarters Is a 3-year-old 65,000 sq. ft. warehouse with three green roof systems.

Bennett & Brosseau Roofing, Inc. is a multi-award winning roofing contractor, with awards ranging from construction/Installation to safety. Where the expertise of the Bennett and Brosseau roofing contrac:tor ends, the education of our full-time horticulturist. John Magill takes over. John Magill received his Master's of Science degree in Plant, Soil, and Agriwlture Systems from Southern Illinois Un!versHy carbondale, and Interned at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. John assisted In the construction and maintenance of the SIUC green roof. Currently, maintenance of several green roofs in the Chicago land area are his responsibility. Our horticulturist is trained in green roof design, construction, installation, and maintenance. John understands how crucial timing Is to reducing the cost of weed management. The Improper use of fertilizers, or herbicides can compromise a green root plant community.

What is a Green Roof?

A green roof Is a unique environment, combining the needs of a landscape with those of a roof. Bennett & Brosseau is experienced in all phases of green roofing. Matching the right roofing and waterproofing system with an appealing landscape is both an art and a skill. We know what to do, and what not to do. Bennett & Brosseau's Green Roof team has you covered for all your roofing and green roofing needs; whether it's advising you on design considerations, implementing a full fledge comprehensive maintenance program to keep your plants flourishing, while protecting the interior of your building or trouble shooting a green roof problem on your existing green roof. Fire codes make building owners liable for Green Roof maintenance, to minimize dry foliage.

On every roofing project we design a comprehensive project specific safety and risk management plan giving you the peace of mind that we have your employees and your assets covered during the construction process.

Maintain your Investment

While less than that of an at-grade landscape, green roofs are not maintenance-free. Weeds, drainage issues, and plant material failure can lower the functional and aesthetic value of a green roof while adding to its cost. These problems, if dealt with early, can largely be avoided.

Plant selection and installation, drainage inspection, pest management, irrigation and weed control are all manageable concerns. We also offer Leak Detection Systems and troubleshooting, as well as Irrigation System Design and installation.

For more Information please contact:
President • George Patterson • 630.759-0009 x 224
Project Manager • Ron Taylor • 630.759-0009 x 232